Get familiar with the bed

Usually, pets need to warm up to something brand new to them, especially cats. If your pets don't jump in it right away, here are some tricks that can help:

1, Put the bed at a higher location, like on a sofa, your bed, a shelf, a table, a platform next to windows... etc.
2, Put their favorite toys or old blanket into the bed
3, Put them inside and then give them some snack to encourage them to stay and feel the bed.
4, Let them decide how they prefer to use it! Some pets like to curl up inside, some like to crush on top and use it as a "bolster style".
5. (for Moccasin Beds only) Insert the bentwood strip (comes with the bed) into the tunnel on the shoe flap, to create a larger "entrance", as an invitation for pets to come in and explore.