Unique Pet Products With Fun Twists!
Unique Pet Products With Fun Twists!
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Our Story

JoJo was adopted and presented to me as my birthday gift in 2015. Having been a dog person my entire life, I looked at this stinky and dirty (but cute) little ball of fur with wonder and a bit of uncertainty. Long story short, with his playfulness, affection, and free spirit, JoJo worked his magic and turned me into a "crazy cat lady"! (while still loving dogs and all animals)

I found myself constantly in search of the best cat products and toys for him. As a professional industrial designer, I couldn't help but only look for a product which is well-designed aesthetically and functionally, has well-thought-out details and quality, is made in a cost-effective way (meaning, reasonably priced), and also matched my home decor! There are mountain loads of pet products on the market, but I had a hard time finding the ones that passed all of my criteria. Out of frustration, I decided to utilize my skills and knowledge, and started the journey of growing “Napping JoJo”.

With JoJo's invaluable input, we build prototypes, test material quality, and work with small workshops who specialize in excellent craftsmanship to develop our products. The goal is simple, to brighten our furry friends’ life as well as their parents’ life through joyful designs and high-quality products.

We are firm believers of #AdoptDontShop, "give the shelter pets a second chance, they will change your life for the better". Please join us and support #TNR (trap, neuter, release) and the #NoKillShelters throughout the USA. 

!!! All designs, photos, and content related to our products are owned by Napping JoJo and protected by copyright. !!!