Unique Pet Products With Fun Twists!
Unique Pet Products With Fun Twists!
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Our Story

JoJo was adopted and presented to me as my birthday gift in 2015. Having been a dog person my entire life, I looked at this dirty little ball of fur with uncertainty. But with his playfulness, affection, and free spirit, JoJo worked his magic and turned me into another "crazy cat lady" (while still loving dogs and all animals)!

From day one, his favorite hang-out spot, besides cardboard boxes, has always been our shoe piles! It doesn't matter if they are sneakers, high heels, or sandals; he will happily take naps on top of them! That inspired me to create his very own shoe bed. Utilized my skills and experience as an industrial designer, we started the journey of growing "Napping JoJo".

With JoJo's invaluable input, we build prototypes, test material quality, and work with small workshops specializing in excellent craftsmanship to develop our products.

We are firm believers of #AdoptDontShop, "give the shelter pets a second chance, and they will change your life for the better". So please join us and support #TNR (trap, neuter, release) and the #NoKillShelters throughout the USA.

!!! All designs, photos, and content related to our products are owned by Napping JoJo and protected by copyright. !!!